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Flex IFrame library - Duplicate reload issue and multiple IFrames problem.

Issue 1 : Flex IFrame Duplicate reload At times the Flex- IFrame library recreates the IFrame with the same URL. This may be due to a possible bug in the application which creates the event to cause the IFrame to reload when not required. Whatsoever may be the root cause, but this duplicate IFrame creation reloads the URL which was already loaded, which in turn sends a http request to server. This will unwanted server load, logging, and duplicate database read/write is a performance and integrity threat. Solution The actual solution may be to find the unnecessary events which trigger the IFrame creation call. But this will not guarantee that no such new code will not be introduced in the future. The better solution would be to check the current IFrame source and the new IFrame source before loading the IFrame. A subclass of class is created and overridden the default behavior of the loadIFrame () as below. This is how Inheritance