Samsung Wifi issue

Samsung Wi-Fi PSM issue.

Sometimes samsung mobile users experience issue with their wifi connectivity. The icon shows it’s connected to wifi but wifi won't work. This is because of the wifi power saver mode (PSM) is set to ON.  
Wifi PSM (power saver mode)
Wifi uses more power. So system is designed to turn off or disable the wifi when the user is not using the internet! Some times this prediction fails, machine thinks you are sleeping even though you are actively browsing the internet and hence it switches of the wifi! So you run out of internet connectivity!
How to fix

To fix this disable the power saver mode. Set it to off.
Steps to disable wifi power saver mode. 
  1. Go to dial pad
  2. Dial *#0011#
  3. You will enter into the service mode screen
  4. Click the menu at the right corner
  5. Select Wifi
  6. You can see the Wifi Power Saver Mode button and it reads ON
  7. Click it and turn it OFF
  8. Exit the menu
  9. Try now - it should work without any hindrance. If not delete your wifi setting and rejoin to the wifi connection again!


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