Ubuntu / kubuntu - Laptop key board cursor jumping issue

Ubuntu cursor jumping problem

Issue :
When you type in Ubuntu/Kubuntu you may get annoyed by cursor jumping here and there in the screen. This happens across all the applications. You might have tried adjusting key board settings, key stroke speed etc. But this is not related to your key board, but the touch pad!

The cause of this issue is your touch pad. Yes, while typing parts of your hand/fingers often touch the keyboard. In windows this touch will not be deducted while typing. But for Ubuntu it is.  So when you type something and un-intentionally unknowingly touch your touch pad will take your cursor to the appropriate mouse position with respect to your touch forgetting you are typing something!!!

Simple. Say your touch pad not to care the touches while I am eagerly typing something important..

How to say that?
  1. Open Synaptix Touch pad manager 
  2. Check Automatically switch of touch pad on keyboard activity
  3. Time to wait before switching touch pad again - Set time based on your typing speed


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